Workshop Rationale

Jean-Louis Steinbeg has been one of the major pioneers in radioastronomy. Co-founder of the Nançay Observatory, he has actively participated to, an inspired a large number of radio instruments on many international space missions. Jean-Louis Steinberg is the founder of the Space Radioastronomy laboratory of the Paris Observatory in 1963. Later on, this laboratory widened its science interests and became the DESPA (1971) and then the current LESIA (2002) which is one of the major space sciences laboratories in France. The aim of this workshop is to cover the science topics which Jean-Louis Steinberg has promoted during his career, focusing on Solar, Heliospheric & Magnetospheric radioastronomy & physics. This will be done by covering both observations from either ground facilities (NDA, RH, LOFAR, Artemis etc …) or space missions (ISSEE, Ulysses, WIND, CLUSTER, STEREO, CASSINI, JUNO etc …) and models/theories. A series of invited talks is also foreseen to cover the new developments in the discipline which may come with the future facilities such as Solar Orbiter, Parker Solar Probe, JUICE, JUNO, LOFAR+, SKA etc ….

This workshop will also be the opportunity to remember both the extraordinary personal & professional lifes of Jean-Louis Steinberg especially for new generation of scientists. At the occasion of this workshop it is also expected that the Building 16 (historical Space Sciences building) on the Meudon campus will be renamed “Building Jean-Louis Steinberg”.


Session 1 : Solar Radio emissions, energetic particles and UV/X/g emissions, CMEs

topics : generation of solar radio emissions, observations from ground & space, Flare physics

Session 2 : The interplanetary medium

topics : radio scattering, Thermal noise and radio measurement techniques (direction finding, radio receivers …), solar wind physics

Session 3 : Terrestrial & Planetary radio emissions

topics : generation of  radio emissions, observations from ground & space

Session 4 : Future projects

topics : Future space & ground based missions & projects



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